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NAFB Aquarium Centre

NAFB Aquarium Centre is a family owned business based out of Toronto, Ontario for decades. We provide Aquariums & Pond Supplies for our clients. NAFB Aquarium Centre has earned an outstanding reputation for providing our clients with exceptional service in a timely, professional manner. We have plenty of marine animals to choose from and all your aquarium needs. Our staff are very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

As an aquarium shop, we have tones of LPS corals, and a lot of medications and other things you wouldn’t find at other fish stores. We also keep a lot of odds and ends needed to get a fish tank running.

Please feel free to visit NAFB Aquarium Centre or simply call us with any questions. We look forward to helping you for your specific aquarium needs.


At NAFB Aquarium Centre, fish selection Is pretty good both marine and freshwater, and the amount of additives and test kits and other essentials is quite a lot. Great place to check out if you can!

About Us

NAFB Aquarium Centre has over decades in providing businesses and families with aquariums & pond supplies. We are specializing in custom aquariums.

As a family based business, we deal with both fresh and saltwater livestock plus various aquarium accessories and fish food. Our prices are reasonable and our staff is friendly and helpful.

Amazing Aquarium Shop In Toronto

You can always count on us for your aquatic needs. We have full range of fish and supplies with good customer service and prices.

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